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'When the bears come' asked us to create an identity for their show called 'FLAT'. Their new show is about a nursing home where young and old live together. At this special location, Als de Beren Komen makes an intimate and moving performance about aging. About the time that passes, and how we can arm ourselves against it.

At the edge of the city, where the buildings make way for vast fields, there is a high flat. There are five people living in three apartments of the flat: a brand new couple who decided to start this new adventure together. A couple, who looked sadly at how their shared future is slowly but surely becoming a shared past. And the widow, who looks back at years past.

All five are at a breaking point in their lives. And all five struggle with the same questions: how do you build a happy life for yourself? How do you know if you're making the right choices?

Watch their amazing trailer 

photography by Speckle