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Our roles

Branding, UI, Art direction



Local council

Hamilton City Council Digital Re-branding

As an organisation driven and inspired by the community, Hamilton City Council needs to make sure they are relevant and relatable. Their mission is to build a more vibrant, attractive and prosperous city.

We worked together with Dynamo6 on the refresh of the council's digital brand. 

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Brand identity

Our challenge was to stand out, be fresh and still being instantly recognizable as olive oil. The brand identity is based on the locality of the olive grove. Hokianga is a beautiful natural area in the North of New Zealand. With a perfect climate for Olive trees to grow topped with unique geological features; the Koutu boulders. Almost perfectly spherical boulders that poke out of the water. 
The logo refers to both the olive and the boulders. The colorful visual language is derived from the tones of the earth, the olives themselves and the Hokianga area. The typeface is powerful but its shapes clearly related to olives and olive oil.

About the artist
Allan Gale is a New Zealand wood engraver from Aotearoa/New Zealand. In 1971 he began woodcarving in a secluded bush valley at Waiotemarama, Hokianga where he still lives. Allan uses the end grain of kauri and carves the picture he envisions on the wood.
He created the landscape we have incorporated into the label design.
Head and Tail - koutu olive oil - Allan Gale
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Selected Works

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