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UI, Illustration, Animation, Web, Art direction, Branding

modern IT has never looked so fresh

Dynamo6 brings the best tech to life so teams and customers can go faster and do better, making your team happier and bringing your customers closer. They're wise, creative and not afraid of a challenge.

We were very happy to work alongside this cool bunch to make their creative visions come true. This website doubled as a branding exercise, refreshing Dynamo6's brand while designing their online presence. Which resulted in lots of interactions and illustrations. Two of our favourite things.


Andrew Rozen, Creative Director

'While we briefed a handful of designers there was one, in particular, we had high hopes for, Head & Tail — and they didn’t disappoint. They’re a Dutch duo anchored by art direction with amazing graphic design and illustrative skills. Their work across product and print for artistic minded business, galleries and institutes is simply beautiful. The digital interpretation of this work for UI purposes is equally on point. They also totally get UX.'
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